Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorations and not feeling guilty...

Finally, the day is here where I can post my Christmas decorations and not feel guilty about having them up! I will tell you that my children said that this was the best, most relaxed Thanksgiving they ever had! And I know that it was due to the fact that ALL of the Christmas decorating was finished on the inside of the house. The only thing that had to be finished was the the gum drops on the trees for their little village they made!
Lizzy High Dolls at the bottom of the stairs in the basement!

This set was given to my family by a very dear friend after her family came to our house after one of our Breakfast with Santa's!

Our Bear at the foot of our stairs ready to help with decorations.
The little tree has decorations from my Grandmothers tree.
This Bear Nativity was given to us by our dear friends Ricky and April Adams.
It is sitting on a Pampered Chef pizza pan in our kitchen. Perfect!
This little vignette is made up of past Christmas pictures of my children, bottle trees and Swedish Santa's. Adorable!!! It sits on part of my kitchen bar!
It is viewed from both sides of my kitchen


Bek said...

Ohhhh I love them all thoes pics are great.

And what a lovely baby shower everthing was so pretty, it looked like someone put in alot of work.


Cali Girl said...

hi, thanks for coming by my blog! yours is just precious and i love the name too! this little village is my favorite!!!

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