Monday, December 1, 2008

Fontanini Nativity and Giveaway....

So Friends.... Here it is! Our favorite Christmas Ornament of our home, Our Nativity! This is the same Nativity that I am giving away for my giveaway, The only exception is ~ I am giving you the beginnings~ The Holy Family (The same thing I started with 25 years ago).
Three years ago we decided to build a base for our Nativity and really make it nice for the children to recreate the event that changed history.
Plywood cut to the size of your coffee table or other area that you will be displaying
Spray adhesive
Rubber cement
Hot Glue
Wax Paper
Grass on a roll that you find in the Dept. 56 Village House section
Rocks and Pebbles of all sizes
Fontanini Accessories
Creche (E-bay is going to be your best source)
Decide where you want to put your Creche and then mark out your grass and sand. Remove everything and put down wax paper, using tape, everywhere that you want your grass to go. Spray adhesive and then sprinkle sand. I then took my hand and rubbed the sand into the spray adhesive really well to make sure that it was sticking. Next, pull up wax paper and put down rubber cement. Put your grass down rolling out excess glue. Place creche in place. You will then hot glue rocks and pebbles into place. (This is your choice and to hide edges of grass)
To finish off~ hot glue fringe around the board! Beautiful!!! The children will love playing with this for years!!! Warning~ You will have to replace a few rocks each year for those determined children who must take one home! ENJOY!
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RR Mama said...

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Email me your address, I have something for you and you know me and address. Love the Christmas decorations!

Amber said...

i signed up for your giveaway...please visit my giveaway at

Bevie said...

Goodie goodie, I'm signing up for your giveaway sweetie...((hugs))

Jamie Biscoglia said...

Thank you so much for giving us this last year! We haven't added to ours yet, but my boys love having a set they can handle. Baby Jesus has even had a few rides in the trucks and trains! It's wonderful, and it will always be special to us.

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