Sunday, November 9, 2008

Joy Banner Finished...

Well.... It's Sunday Morning, I should be at Church... but after having the flu bug all week dragging and feeling miserable, I felt like I was living inside a Christmas ornament in a box wanting to be put up on a Christmas Tree (WOW, that's pretty bad after I just read it) ...... I got up this morning, pulled out the hot glue gun and finally finished my "JOY" banner! All week I felt like it was still Halloween and this banner was haunting me just sitting there and not getting finished! It was so close.... and I could not get the energy up to get it finished.
But this morning is different. After burning my fingers a couple of times, getting hot glue where I should not........ I would like to present to you my "JOY" banner!
Finished with two little redbirds on it!
I hope you enjoy it!
As for me, the haunting is over!
It is done..... It is over......
Now, maybe I can get over this irritating bug.....
Doesn't my body know this is the most important time of the YEAR!!!!
It's almost Christmas...... LOL


Jules from "The Roost" said...

I do hope you are feeling better today! I have had my share of hot glue burns too....but looks like yours was well worth it! :)

kathy said...

Your banner is wonderful - Sorry you have been ill - Love your tree -
Yes those sweet remembrances of times past are great , kathy - Ga

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