Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Christmas Tree...The Talking Tree

Our Christmas Tree is very unusual to say the least.... It is adorned with paper ornaments, hand blown ornaments, Hallmark ornaments, felt ornaments, and yes, even toilet paper ornaments. But what they all have in common, is a story. As each one is pulled out of their special tissue or box, a memory is brought up. A trip to the beach, a grandparents trip, a special day at school, or a special gift from a friend. Some friends have passed away and some couples may have spilt and gone their separate ways.
Reid and I have fond memories of all them!
Of course I can't expect Reid to sit through all of the memories~
I try to, LOL, but I don't and I can't.
I love the beautiful co-ordinated trees,
but for our family,
this has always been the perfect tree for us.

The Tree of MEMORIES!
The Worm... Whitney made this with one of my best friends, Donna Perry, at Vacation Bible School. It is made out of 6 toilet paper holders covered with Christmas paper and then connected with chenille sticks. The face is one big pompom and a little pompom for the nose. And of course it has two eyes to find its way through my tree.
1990 - Reid and I went to Hawaii and this is what we came home with!
My mother-in-law took Whitney and I, my sister-in-law and her daughter to New York for a long weekend to see a few shows. This is what we bought so that we could always remember what a wonderful time we had in New York!At one time before I had my health problems, I had a wonderful neighbor that was dieing of cancer. If you met her you would never know that anything was wrong. She was one of the happiest, nicest and most down to earth ladies that I knew. She would work in the garden with me, craft with me or just sit and talk to me. I truly loved and admired her. Before she died, she left me with this felt Santa ornament. For me, like my mother, she was another role model. She was truly one of those ladies that you could say ~ Beauty is as Beauty does!

Chase and Whitney made these in Vacation Bible School. This one is Chase's! It is a jewelry box that can be shut when it is not hanging on the tree. On the outside of Chase's he painted an American flag. On the inside, you can tell he has wrapped Baby Jesus in burlap to keep him warm. Chase at the age of 24 still likes to keep Baby Jesus warm in the Nativity. I pulled our Family Nativity (I will blog about that in a later date) out yesterday and Baby Jesus was all wrapped up and I imagine that Chase probably did it! LOL
Whit made this star at school in the 4th grade.
Save those class projects~ They make great Christmas ornaments and when you get as old as me, they really make the tears flow!
1982 - This is one of the first Christmas ornaments given to Reid and I as a couple!
Reid's sister, gifted us this beautiful doll and every year I have treasured the moment that I can put it on the Christmas tree. It is truly one of my favorite Christmas ornaments and it always goes on the front of the tree.
NOEL~ the Christmas season; yuletide.
For years I was involved with The Garden Club of Georgia. I learned so much about gardening, decorating, LIFE! It was awesome!
One of the perks, was the wonderful Christmas parties that we had.
This is one of the many Christmas ornaments that I was given.
So Tell me,
What kind of Christmas Tree
does your family like???



Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am like you and have a memory tree....My favorite really....loaded with stories. I do put up a tree in my living room that is called The Christ Tree. All ornaments representing Him...It is a lovely tree. Thanks for sharing your special ornaments! :)

RR Mama said...

We have a memory tree also. It is decorated with old wooden ornaments that were my husbands. His mother gave them to us when we got married. Then over the years I have added the ones the boys have made at school, VBS, etc. While I have added a few here and there, the ones with special meaning are my favorites. Thanks for sharing your tree. Hope you are feeling better!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yvette your blog is beautiful!
I like sentimental ornaments too...but it is the glass blown ones that are the most beautiful to me.

sa said...


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I will turn Blessings into Praise!