Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yes My Friends, November Is Here!!

What is it about November that so many of us enjoy?

Is it Thanksgiving, when, we take time to think about all the many things that we have to be truly thankful for or is it the beautiful colors that God daily provides for us showing us HIS majesty?

Is it because we know that family is coming home and once again we will be gathering as one?

Or is it getting your family ready for that PERFECT (Thanks goodness for digital camera's where you can take 150,000 shots because certain children, who will remain nameless, hates to have this Christmas picture taken every year or likes to pick on HIS mom~ I love you darling!) Christmas card picture?

I'm not sure, maybe it is just a prelude to what December is to bring!

Yes, like one of Handle's great pieces, just the beginning of something GLORIOUS ~ December!

What are some of your favorite NOVEMBER MEMORIES?



kathy said...

Love your picture of your children - Got to see the scarecrows in Hoschton coming back from our trip -- A great fall memory -- Thanks for letting us know about it --Kathy - GA

RR Mama said...

Maybe not the best but by far the funniest. My dad had make a perfect dinner. Cooked all day and had just taken the turkey out of the oven to cool. He set it on the stove and walked away for about 15 minutes. When he returned he found our family dog having himself a great dinner. My dad was so mad he threw the turkey in trash and dog in the backyard. We loaded up and went out for Chinese food. Never again was dog aloud in the house on Thanksgiving day.

Healing Expressions said...

HI Yvette..I am stopping by to give you a blessing! I just did my drawing for my giveaway and your name is the one that was in my hand when I reached in my basket! You can email me at to give me your mailing address OK!
Take Care

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I love the excitement of getting things ready for Christmas & all the extended family gathering for Thanksgiving Dinner.....we get larger every year! :)

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