Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine ~ You Won My Heart....

My Valentine ATC inspired me to make this Chatter Knob Hanger. I found this vintage photograph of a soldier and I took a old bingo card to create this wonderful piece.
It was hard to get a good picture and if you are wondering what the drippings are ...
It is BEESWAX!!!
I love to use it to finish off my pieces!
It will be on my ETSY soon.


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Your Valentine Door Knob Card is beautiful. I will have to visit Etsy with money in hand :-)
Your blog is inspiring as well as your life story. What a thrill to meet such a wonderful spokesperson for the Lord.

RR Mama said...

Beautiful piece. I think I am going to make a trip to your Etsy! How is your daughter? I haven't heard about hear lately. Have a great day my friend.

santamaker said...

These cards are so pretty and creative. Just love them.

Sue said...

It looks awesome....Wish I could do that....

Life with Kaishon said...

You are very creative! Inspiring really! I love the song on your blog! So pretty!

debbie said...

What an inspiration you are...I know this I would love to be your neighbor...what fun.
The fun and beauty in it all is because the LORD is the center of it all. I love your is gorgeous....I love the whole blog. I am new to blogging and so I have sooo very much to still learn but I have met some awesome women.
Thank you for sharing

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