Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Incredible Buys from Lakewood Antique Market...

Here it is......... My findings from my trip to Lakewood! My husband handed me $100.00 and said, "Have fun darling!" Yes, I have the best husband in the world knowing that I could never stick to that kind of budget...... Pretending all the while to have given me all his money while holding out another $100.00 for that extra something that, well let's just say that I couldn't quite pay for with the $100.00 he gave me! Yes, Ladies I know you are all just saying how did I become so blessed, I ask myself that everyday....
He is a jewel, that I am so glad that I waited for! I purchased these for my upcoming Lisa Kaus class!The Purple Bottle is for my daughter's collection and
the silver cup looks like so much fun.... My imagination is going wild with it!
Ribbon................. I love Ribbon!
And I know I can use our
ENTRANCE tickets on a piece of my art
I have been looking for a cloche and look at this base.... from an old house!
I just had to have this old bolt old vintage seam binding for my art!

I had the best time shopping at Lakewood and I hope to go back soon!
If you live close to Atlanta, you have to go!



Boy do I want to go shopping with YOU! You found yourself some real treasures!


RR Mama said...

I knew when I saw the box of old door hinges and key locks you would buy some. I would love to go shopping with. Lakewood looks like so much fun!

Barb said...

OMG, what wonderful "finds," and such a loving hubby too! :)

Holly said...

What awesome things to buy! I love ribbon too. :)

Lynn said...

You lucky girl you, wish I could go to a place like that, but here I am over in Canada, would be a very long drive. You got some great items, love the bits of bling :)

Tiedupmemories said...

I need to go!I was so sad when it closed by the fairgrounds!My husband and I used to go all the time! I filled my house with Lakewood finds!I've only been to the one on 400 a couple of times!You have inspired me to go to their next show!Great finds!!Thanks for the compliment on my TIckTock Box!

Creative Chaos said...

I want to go to this store!!
Your pictures are SOOOOO inspiring! I was literally scouring every square inch of every pic.
(And girl you picked up some great stuff!){grin}


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