Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lakewood Antique Market ~ Part II...

The first treasure that caught my attention....
These beautiful doors made into mirrors!
I really think I need one for my daughter's bedroom.....

One of the outdoor exhibits...
I had to make a purchase at this little store!

Hmmmm...... I think this might make a beautiful wedding gift!
As you step into the market this is what you first see.....
Antique Heaven!
The next few pictures came from a
gentleman's booth that I loved, being an Altered Art Artist!
Looking and making my purchases will help me with
my upcoming class with Lisa Kaus!!!
I can't wait! The Cottage Farm Chic was INCREDIBLE!
Antiques~ Vintage Silver~ Accessories
Everything was wonderful and beautiful!
This is a MUST if you go to the MARKET!


Mary said...

Oh I wanna go!!! Greg and I did go a few years ago. It is so big it's almost overwhelming. You have to be careful, I have to have a budget for myself!!!! There are just too many good things!!! Did I see glass bottles - maybe good for a bottle tree??
Have a good day Yvette!!

RR Mama said...

Seeing the pictures makes me want to go Canton, TX. The weekend every month the entire town is turned into an antique market. It goes on for miles and miles. I have been once and I am dying to go back. I love the old seltzer bottles.

Bev Norris said...

Cottage Farm Chic - Bev

Thanks so much for the beautiful post of my booth you have a wonderful eye for photography. It was so nice meeting you and hope you will come back and don't forget when you come back come over and say hi. Someday I will start posting on my blog. Thanks again. The best part of doing the show is meeting wonderful people like you. Have a wonderful day. Bev

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Yvette, I wanted to go last weekend, but my dad pulled another of his congestive heart failure stunts and we were in the hospital Thursday - Saturday. By Sunday I was just too tired and needed to wash dishes and clothes, etc. BUT! I live less than 10 miles from that market, so maybe I can go in March.

Grosgrain Annies owner JoAnn loves to see me coming, lol! I usually spend my budget in her shop! Another favorite (and I can't remember the name) is the lady with all the 'faux' plants and organics - so pretty!

Next time you come this way, let me know and I'd love to meet you there!

Blessings, Becky

Jules from "The Roost" said...

It looks like an incredible place!


My keyboard got all wet from the drool! Fun, fun, fun!


Creative Chaos said...

I want that mannequin!! It is amazing!--I look at it everytime I read your blog.
What a lucky girl you are!
Shopping AND spending money!

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