Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking for the perfect Bridal Shower Invite....

Guess who is in town this week..... Jackie!!!
Reid and I love her so much and we are so glad that Chase has found her!
Jackie is helping me this week pick out an invitation for two upcoming showers that I am giving for my nieces. I have a theme (secret for now) and we are in search for that perfect invite to start everything off with a bang! For those that know me, I love to give a PARTY with games, fun and then more fun! I want it to be one of those showers that the bride will say you remember when AuntE gave me that shower and so and so did this and that!
Everlasting FUN Memories is my GOAL and It always starts with the Invite!
I wish I could show you all the goodies we found for the shower today in Atlanta for the shower, but that would spoil our surprise!
Let's just say I did EXTREMELY well shopping today for the showers.
Also, Jackie had never been to Atlanta (she is from California, goes to college in Virginia) so I had to take her down Ponce deLeon and then down Peachtree hitting some of my favorite shops.
Our first stop was SWOOZIES, which I love but I am extremely upset with now because they would not allow me to take pictures for my blog. And yes that is the store where I spent mucho grande money on invitations for 80 people, specialty items for the showers, my baby Emma something special and a special gift for someone. So YES, I was disappointed!!!
Then it was on to The Container Store for anything I could try to contain...... And always ~ wrapping paper and ribbon, ribbon, ribbon....
The trip would not be complete to Atlanta for Jackie without stopping by Lenox~
A young girl's paradise of shopping, only the best!
A Mom's nightmare! LOL
Thank goodness Whitney (My daughter) was not with us!
She would have went crazy in the specialty stores with the spring lines!
What more can I say!
Now, it is time to call the boys and see if we can get a date for dinner tonight!


Tiedupmemories said...

Wow...that party planning sounds like so much fun! Sorry to hear about your swoozie experience! I know hao you felt!I too was let down by my favorite store.Funny thing was I still bought in there too! My husband said"we should just walk right out and not spend any money in here". I looked like a deer in headlights!Lol!Anyways...your party is going to be fabulous!keep us posted!

Jackie said...

Worst picture of me ever...

Regardless, I had so much fun with you! :)

Miss you already.

Love you,

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