Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Vintage Hag gives me a tour....

Wow... Did I have an adventurous shopping day yesterday!!!
Debbie, at The VintageVillage contacted me through my blog
and said that she knew my sister Sonya.
Well, I knew who she was immediately because of the trouble (not too bad) they got into during school. They were just great friends having a good 'ol time as kids do in a small town.
Anyways, I immediately got in touch with her and told her we wanted to come and see her.
I passed by this little antique store many times, but because the traffic is SO BAD in Snellville,
I would just pass on by!
WOW, Did I make a big mistake!
Everything that I could think of was in this store!
IT WAS FANTASTIC and so well displayed!
Willy Wonka Candy Store
for the Antique Enthusiast!
Vintage Village
2229 Scenic Highway
Snellville, Georgia 30078
Debbie (One Vintage Hag)
Sonya (My beautiful and wonderful sister)
and me, (The Charm House Chick)
I had a mission starting out... NO LINENS!!! Oh, I want these so badly!!
Look... The Ceilings are decorated so pretty!!!
Everywhere you look is decorated with beautiful Vintage trinkets and treasures!
Ok.... Dawn (The Feathered Nest), I have to purchase one of these little baby slips to alter..... This is all your fault!! I have to blame this on someone
My Favorite booth! My kind of Decorating ~ Comfort~
I can't believe all the things in these pictures that I am finding that I NEED!!!
Shabby Chic at its best!!
How much is it? And is it still FOR SALE???
I did not see the TRAY with the little bird on it when I took the picture :(...

Also, Girls I hope you are getting your Collections ready for Monday's

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Mary said...

Oh, what a great store!! It must not be too far from Seth and Brooke's house. Though not for long, they closed on a house just 10 minutes from me. They will be moving in few weeks after some work to be done. Can't wait.

Listen, after I get back from teaching at the retreat in Delaware, (in a few weeks) would you think about you and your husband coming over for dinner? I know it is a bit of a drive, but I really want to meet you. If not, lets get together for lunch, I can come out your way. Oh, and Bev will be here next month. We will definitely have to get together then!!!!

Antiques and More Blog said...

Great photos! I needed some inspiration on displaying for my first show ever in Warrenton next week. Thanks so much for sharing!


A Vintage Hag said...

Oh my gosh... and I know now why the contacted you to write ~ i was about to cry. It would have been perfect, but a picture of "me"... yikes. Thank you so much for your visit ~ our "chats" ~ sharing you and Sonya with me again... Its been missed. I hope to see you again real soon ~ and in the meantime, you take care & keep on The Charm House posting...
~one vintage hag

Barb said...

Those are great pics. Looks like a wonderful store. How ever did you resist it all?

Thanks for coming by to see my birdie treasures. Still more coming!

Blessings, and have a great weekend.

Barbara Jean

Sue said...

I would had to of had a truck to haul all the stuff I would of wanted and bought from the shop...How nice for you and your sister to meet up with an old friend....I missed posting on your Thursday blog and almost cried when I thought you wouldn,t be posting anymore...What would I do without you...You know if it was easier to comment more people would do it...The ones that get lots of comments are probably from a group on ebay or etsy or some form and know each other....So don't let that worry you....I just post what I am feeling at the time and if people comment or not well that is just fine...You post because God wants you to do it....

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What great pics taken in a wonderful store...I blew up every pic and studied all the items. You are my second virtual shopping stop today...this might be one I can get to and shop in person. Thanks :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

Yvette!!! What a wonderful store!!! You go girl...alter your baby slip! I love peeking at all of the photos and seeing what I'd love....have a wonderful Sunday sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

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