Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Few Images to share...

A few special images to share with you this rainy morning in Georgia! God has been good to us knowing that we need the rain so bad! Hopefully, our Lakes will be full by this summer and the children will be able to jump from the docks to swim and the boats will be able to pull up to leave their guests!
The first image is my father, second is my mother and the other two are pictures Whit and I took on a trip to St. George! I use this picture of the car often in my art! Enjoy!


Bev said...

Yevette these photos of your parents when they were young are great. Today would have been our father's 94th Birthday had he lived. Mom will be 91 in April.
Thanks for sharing, and that car, well my hubby would give his right arm for one like it..heheh!! One day I'll surprise him with one that needs fixing up...he will so enjoy that in his retirement years!!!
Blessings sweetie.

Tiedupmemories said...

Love all those photos! Are they framed somewhere in your house? I love putting the black and white vintage photos of the family around here and there to remember the way they were!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I love old cars...and yearned for one - UNTIL I test drove one. How in the world, I was able to learn to drive without power steering and power brakes. What a reality check that experience was! LOL
It is raining somewhat, south of Atlanta.

Mary said...

Oh they are so cute!! Sometimes we see our parents as always being grown, forgetting they were once children, and had a life before us.

I love old cars - well pictures of old cars! :) I want to begin to carry my camera with me more and take shots of life. I would like to incorporate them into my journal.

Have a great afternoon keeping cozy and warm.

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