Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tristan, My new Favorite Artist, Autism & A Conference One and the same...
Is it not amazing how God can place you in the right place, right time and with the right person.... The day before yesterday I went to Vintage Village to look at my shelving unit for my "little" store! I decided to make a day of it, make a circle around the the two counties in which I was visiting and end up picking my husband up at our "big" store and going to visit Grandma at the nursing home. One of the stops before picking up Mr. Charming (my new name for him since I have a store!!!) was to drop by Goodwill (REALLY FAST) to see what was on going on! As I arrived and started to rummage though the "trinkets", I noticed this lady with a plunder of rewards of arriving maybe ten minutes before I did.... She was shopping the aisles before me and I could tell she was my kind of junker!!! She looked at me and smiled at the same time looking down into my cart. I had this beautiful wooden tray with cast iron handles for $4.00. At Michael's I would pay at least $20.00 for a tray this size to use for a project and it would not be half as pretty. She said,"I love the tray"..... I don't know why..... But I offered it to her, she offered me a piece of Milk Glass that I was admiring! From that point on we struck up a great conversation, ending up behind each other in the "forever until eternity" checkout line and then we exchanged information. She contacted me last night, leaving me this website...... It was after I read about Tristan that I knew why I met my new friend Ellen McILwain.
See, I know why God put us together now, Mr. Charming knows why I was thirty minutes late picking him up and why now Tristan Bramblett is now my favorite Artist!!!

Please, take the time to go and read Tristan's story, see how HIS life has changed because of parents who were willing to follow God in faith to do the right thing for their children and see what ART can do in a child's life...

Thank God for Parents & Grandparents

like Tristan's and his sister!

Tristan's Wonderful Art

That YOU can purchase on HIS website!

That brings me to another quick post~

Faye left a comment on one of my post the day before yesterday about Autism. I somewhat ignorned it until now. That is until God punched me on my sore shoulder yesterday and got my attention to look at it again because of Tristan



Anyways.... I am posting Faye's post about an upcoming post on Autism...

This is meant for someone, only God knows, I am just the messenger....

My daughter is announcing a collaborated effort by Unlocking Autism and Great Plains of Kansas to bring their FREE Biomed. Conf. to Rome, Ga. This will be informative for anyone dealing with ADD, ADHD, PDD, Asperger or Autism.Free Biomed. Conf.Location: Unity Christian School, upper campus, Hwy. 53, Rome, Ga.Exhibitors: Doors open at 5 to parents 5:00 to 6:00 PMKeynote speaker: Dr. Timothy Callaghan, certified D.A.N! practitioner; The Specrum and the Bio. Med. Maze 6:00 to 7:30 PMSpeaker: Amy Whitlock; A Families Journey 7:30 to 8:00 PMSee for more detail.Download flyer from site.....Pre-registration

Also... this is all God... I just visited my daughters blog and went to Lysa TerKeurst's blog to look at the scholarship information. I was not planning on attending the conference with my health problems, how could I. Plus, if Whitney doesn't get a scholarship with our store and the economy the way it is....IT WILL BE BY FAITH that GOD is sending Whit! But when I got there I hit Mr. Linky... LOL So, I also am going for a scholarship! And I might be going also!! Georgia to North Carolina... I can do it ~ If God can carry me!

Thank goodness my post was all about Faith today!

But God knew this all the time!

The joke is on ME!


Faye said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I read your post, I jsut knew you had been 'placed' in that place, at that time. God is truly the BEST Navigator, isn't He?

As a mom of an mentally disabled son, I am tearing up as I type this. We are so grateful Chris does not have even more challenges.

Thank you so much for posting bring awareness, support and prayers to these very cherished children and adults.

Love, Lynn

Recycled Rita said...

It is nice you stopped and listened... Parents of children with autism really need support from their community as well as friends and family....I work with preschoolers and kinders with autism and this is something I see a need for. They work so hard to help their children and keep their lives intact that they are often worn out and need a hug from someone! What a lucky lady to have found you! karen....

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Wishing you luck in the contest and and praying for your dream to attend the conference.

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