Sunday, June 28, 2009

And Reagan makes it "A Cute Wedding"....

Reagan and Faith ~ Flowergirls!
Whitney ~ Bridesmaid
My future daughter-in-love, Jackie and Chase, my son!
My Beautiful Baby Doll ~ Faith!!!
Her sister, Haley, will be featured later!

I know you are saying.... Another Wedding??? Yes, I am in the Season of My Life where everyone is getting married!!! This wedding~my niece Lauren Cook.
The wedding was cute with the Bride being the star and the flower girl adding the entertainment! Reagan, pictured below, was given her instructions on how to be the perfect flower girl...... The problem, Reagan was also told at the end of rehearsal to pick her flower petals back up! So of course at the wedding, my sweet little Reagan went back to pick up ALL of the flower petals that she had dropped. It took numerous trips up and down the aisle before she had picked all of the pink petals up. When she finally picked up all of the petals midway through the ceremony, she sweetly went to the front, grabbed my daughters hand and stood there...... UNTIL the married couple went down the aisle and messed up the aisle runner!!! She quickly took it upon herself to go and straighten out the runner. It was a hard job for one so young...... PLUS she had the wedding party backed up behind her. At that point my wonderful brother-in-law (father of the bride) slid out of his seat and patiently helped Regan straighten out the aisle runner to Reagan's approval! It was a beautiful and sweet wedding! More pictures and info. coming later when I can pull more pictures from my son's camera!!!


Linda said...

Lovely shots! I'm in the same season. When is your son's wedding? My son's is in September.

Brandi said...

I love weddings!!!
Faith is gorgeous!!!

Marcia said...

You have a fabulous blog! I am so happy to have stumbled into it. Congratulations for a beautiful wedding. Faith & Reagan are absolutely gorgeous! I will definetly be back to visit!!

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