Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Summer Bubbles.....

This is a recipe that I HAVE to post every summer!
The Perfect Bubble Recipe
Best and Biggest Bubbles in the World
*This is a great item to keep in the refrigerator!!
Kids love them because they make really big bubbles that last forever floating through the sky!!
Hint – If you have a child that loves Mountain Dew, do not use an old Mountain Dew bottle to put your bubbles in. (Looks like the real Mountain Dew but, it doesn’t taste like it!!!!!!)
2 Cups Joy dishwashing detergent
6 Cups Water
¾ Cup White Karo Corn Syrup
Combine, shake, let settle 4 hours.
Store covered in refrigerator to extend suds shelf life.
Allow to warm before using.
Only Use Joy!!!!!!
A 2-liter bottle holds exactly one recipe!!

Non-Toxic – but not for human consumption


Bevie said...

I will definately keep this recipe for when the grandkids come...Hope all is well with you I've been good...just so busy!!!

RR Mama said...

I'm gonna have to try this!

Jean Tuthill said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe. My grandkids love bubbles. Great photo, too.

sassytrash said...

That is so cool to see this bubble recipe---I was needing to make up a batch for my 4 year old grandaughter!! Thank you!
I will miss seeing you in July at Lakewood, I have to be in Florida during the show, but Martha will be there, and we will have new stuff of course.

Brandi said...

thank you for that fun recipe!! I think i may try to make some tomorrow for a birthday party! That photo rocks btw!!

Anonymous said...


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I will turn Blessings into Praise!