Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How do you feel about being domestic?

So, this will be the year of changes for our household! Both Whit and Chase are getting married this summer and we will be adding two incredible people to our family, JD and Jackie! I love them both and I am excited about what they bring to our crazy mix!

With that said, Whit came home wanting to soak as much "MOM and WIFE" knowledge out of me as she could. We have had the best week and to say the least Mr. Charm has had his tummy full of some of his favorite meals.

I would love for you to visit Whit's blog (She needs COMMENTS and advice ladies) and answer her question~ How do you feel about being domestic? I have learned so much from my blogging friends and I would love for my daughter to have the same opportunity to meet some of you!
Love YOU and have an awesome New Year!!!



slommler said...

I don't feel domestic at all! My hubby now does the cooking and laundry and I have a maid service come in once a month. I pick up clutter and dust every once in a while. LOL! No aprons for me...nope! I did it for 35 years now it is someone else's turn. LOL!

RR Mama said...

Oh I could be on both sides of the fence here. Hubs does most of the cooking, not because I'm not good at it or I don't like to, he just likes it more. He bathes the boys and I clean the kitchen. I do the laundry and helps when asked. But I can't stand to pick up after three boys!! I feel as if I am always telling them to put the pillows back on the couch and get their toys out of the hallway!

Anonymous said...

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!