Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010... It will be a good year!

As I am sitting here pondering over the New Year, excitement is building up! I know it will be a year of beginnings and endings..... 2010 will be a GREAT YEAR hopefully filled with many blessed God Moments!

I see a year filled with my husband and I gaining two more children through marriage, me turning 50 and the sad part..... My grandmother, who I love so dearly, passing away. We end the year with her health going down more and more each day. The doctors have finally decided to keep her sedated because of the pain she is in. Her mind is still as sharp as it was 10 years ago. She reminds me constanly of how blessed she is, how much she loves us. She is trying so hard to keep alive her memories of past events. Her body weight is only about 95 pounds, she lays in bed curled into a little ball. I know when the Lord finally takes her that she will be with HIM, but yet I will be sad to have her go. Saying that, I also will remember how blessed I am that God decided to place this incredible woman in my life.

The next two days I will share with you short stories that I have written for my Grandma. I am not a great writer, I just love to be able to go back and cling to the wonderful memories of her. I hope you enjoy and will be blessed by her and her generation.

Is it not amazing that the older we get, the more we cling to the words of our elders!
I went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home the other day, hoping this would be a good day for her. As I walked in, she was laying on her bed. I thought she was sleeping soundly… I just watched her, soaking in every curve of her face. After about five minutes she looked up somewhat startled, surprised to see someone. She then informed me that she was not sleeping but she had her eyes closed thinking! After that comment, I knew it was going to be a good day and I truly believed that she was probably thinking.
She went on about how beautiful I was and how I was just like her and my mother. Even though my mother doesn’t know, my grandmother places her on pedestals of greatness. Sometimes grandmother just has a problem of telling her how wonderful she is. After talking about all our “likeness” for awhile, grandmother looked up and said, “Yvette, you need to remember that you must always protect your name”! I knew exactly what she was speaking of, but I sat there and listened, trying to grasp each and every word. She explained to me that in much earlier days, times were hard for her. She was raising four children on her own and during those days it was not easy. Grandmother continued on telling me that she could have went on welfare, but that was a choice she could not make because of her children. She said that if she had started on welfare, she was terrified that it would become a pattern lived for generations. Her only desire was to work hard and show her children good work ethics. She wanted to be the good example, keep her name strong in the community as her Mother and Father had.
Grandmother’s words ring so true…. As a parent we have to live the way that we want our children to live. If we want them to love Christ… We have to love Christ! If we want them to serve others…. We have to serve others.
My grandmother has always been an example of a strong, accomplished woman. She has so many people that love and admire her. I hope that as a Proverbs 31 woman I can keep my name strong through loving Christ and serving others as she did!


slommler said...

What a wonderful woman your grandmother is. I hope I can be as inspiring to my grandchildren!!!
Happy New Year

Mary said...

Yvette, thank you for sharing that story with us. I did not get the chance to meet my grandmothers, how I wish I had.

Wishing you a blessed New Year dear one!!

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