Friday, January 1, 2010

Grandma Moon~ Part II..........

Last night my sister called and was so excited about my Grandma! She had visited her earlier in the day and told Grandma if she ate some lunch and took a nap, she would bring Emma to see her! Emma (11months old) is her first great-great grandchild. Sister said that as she walked in, Grandma was reaching for Emma just smiling as big as her little body could! Now, Emma is the perfect baby for visiting. She is always smiling, free to go to anyone and till this day I have only seen her cry once. Sister said that Grandma really perked up and had the best time! With most of my children home (Jackie is still in California with her family) we are getting ready to visit her. I pray that she will have a good first day in 2010!

Here is my other short story of Grandma that I promised~

When I was younger, I loved going to Grandma's house to stay. I especially loved the spring, Grandma had fields of daffodils that stretched forever. I would pick daffodils by the armfuls, run into the house and eagerly give these to her as though she had never received any before. Sunday lunch was on the table, ready for anyone that would enter the door. If we were lucky, my uncle would have raided the closest blackberry field for fresh blackberries and we would be treated to one of her yummy blackberry pies. Sunday afternoons would find us on the porch in rocking chairs until I would bore stiff. More than likely, I would then choose to climb the highest of pecan trees only to get stuck and have to find my own way down (even if that meant breaking a bone). Sometimes we were lucky to play ball with our uncles, although they would usually loose our precious softballs in the nearby woods! Summers~ Oh the hot summers complete with watermelons and grandma's fresh homemade churned ice-cream! Grandma gave me so much~ the love of gardening, the excitement of summers, and the shoulder to cry on that many times I didn't deserve. At times she was the one that I ran to when I was upset or just needed to be hugged and comforted. She never really sided with me, but she never sided against me. She was just there to listen, to comfort~ I loved her for that! *Now that I am a grown woman, I admire my Grandma in so many different ways. I see a woman that stood where so many other women fell. I learn more about her everyday. I see a woman who raised four children by herself. I see a woman who made a path for other women in her day. I see a woman who took care of others and now others are taking care of her. I see a woman that is so loved even though she constantly speaks her mind. I see a woman of strength, of heart, of determination!
I see a woman that I dearly love with all my heart~
My Grandma!


Mary said...

To have such wonderful memories is a treasure Yvette!

Thank you for sharing them.

Love you!!

slommler said...

Great story and a wonderful remembrance! I find that I am falling in love with your grandma! I am a grandma now to five and I hope they will have great stories about me.

RR Mama said...

Precious memories! Thank you for sharing them with us. She is a wonderful woman and I know you will grow up to be just like her!! Happy New Year my friend, happy new year!

The Feathered Nest said...

What beautiful memories of your grandma sweet Yvette!!!! They do hold a special place in our hearts, don't they? And that baby Emma is so beautiful!!! I wanted to wish you a very happy, healthy and blessed new year dear friend...wishing you all the best ~ hugs and love, Dawn

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