Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'B' is for..........

Etsy Cottage Style
Hi Everybody! It's time for the Vintage Alphabet get-together. This month's letter is 'B'. Now, I have my Vintage Alphabet post up already. As you'll see my theme is 'B'ottle 'B'rush Trees, 'B'rooches, and of course 'B'irdhouses, you can show off your vintage 'B'arbie's, 'B'uttons, 'B'read boxes, 'B'rown transferware, 'B'lenko Glass, 'B'akelite, 'B'etty Boop.......these are just a few examples of whatever your vintage collection includes that begins with a 'B'. Mr. Linky is available below so you can join in. Just go to the link above. Remember you have plenty of time .....we'll leave this up for the week, so everyone has time to join the fun!!


slommler said...

Loved the bottle brush trees and the birdhouses. Beautiful post

Debbi said...

wow, those brooches are beautiful!
Thanks for playing the party!

Melody said...

Wow! Never thought of 'B'ottle'b'rush Trees Miss Smartie. Love alll the 'b'ling. 'B'rooches are my weakness. It's my gaudy jewelry as I call it. Remember, next month is Vintage 'C', so....c u ther!

someplace in thyme said...

So many lovely b's and so little time. Your bottle brush trees are beautiful. I don't have any, but this year I am going to change all that, Char

chris said...

Love all your "B" treasures!! So fun looking at each one.
Best wishes,

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