Thursday, March 25, 2010


Would love to have a Wedding in an old BARN!
Love the idea of Vintage Style Bikes!
This would be HEAVEN!

Loving this Vignette!

You can never go wrong with netting!

Tea anyone?


This would be
HMMMM...............Anyone notice the Bare FEET!
Now that I have shared my dreams with you,
tell me what your dream wedding would look like..........


slommler said...

Oh my! Those are beautiful shots of a vintage wedding. I love them! I especially love the costumes on the wedding party! So cool!! I don't know what mine would be. Been a long time since I have thought about weddings. LOL! I guess a cross between gothic and victorian vintage. How's that for a combination?! LOL!!

Mary said...

Yvette, my door is always open!! :)

wonderful inspiration, and the wedding dress is perfect!! :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a pretty and storybook post. Since planning my newlywed daughter's wedding, I am hooked on anything wedding. These are gorgeous images. I am especially fond of the barn picture. We had my daughters wedding reception in a Yellow Barn. It was a black tie affair so we really had to elevate the elevate the barn to be a black tie event with all sorts of creative elements. I did a post with some pretty images listed under Pink Saturday. I think you would enjoy it!

Don't you just love all the beautiful and fun ways people celebrate this most special day.

Just breathtaking, but arn't wedding supposed to be?
A joy to visit you today!

Lou Cinda said...

lol!! I got married barefoot 5 years ago!! I had a gown and just went barefoot! My friends daughter got married in a field and had the reception in a barn and it was beautiful!!! She wore a white dress and RED shoes! It was so neat!! Her husband's name is Joey, and the name brand of the shoes was "Joey". Some really adorable photos of that.

Lou Cinda :)

lailani said...

hmmm, your post lately have had me dreaming again...mine would be at the free standing chimney/fireplace at Chehaw here in Albany. There would be netting, burlap on tables with the spanish moss laden limbs all above us. Fiddle players too . . .

Great pictures again!

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