Friday, May 14, 2010

A simple way to Welcome.....

A simple rock with the word WELCOME on it.
This is such a simple idea to welcome people into your garden or home.
There is a wonderful story that comes with this rock (As many of you know I love ROCKS).
I gave my sister a surprise birthday party years ago and invited all of her friends into my home. We all had the best time and I had a great time getting to know people that I didn't know. One of the ladies attending the party I truly fell in love with. You could see kindness and love written all over her heart. As she left, she placed a note on my counter. It thanked me for hosting the party and then gave me directions to go to my garden and look around. She had placed this rock within my flowers as a gift. What I love the most about this rock is that we can show our appreciation and love to others without spending a lot of money. It is all about the thought and time that we put into the gift. This has been one of the sweetest gifts that I have ever received. I think of her and generosity each time I look at it.


slommler said...

What a sweet gift. And I love your garden art! Very cool!

RR Mama said...

I have always loved your yard. One of these day we are going to have to get together so I can see it.

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