Saturday, May 15, 2010

The BEST Onion/Tomato/Vegetable Chopper....

I have to share one of my favorite Kitchen Tools with you.
It is a food chopper that chops your onions, tomatoes, etc. in just minutes!
I have seen it reviewed on TV and the person testing the chopper gave it a bad review. Well, All I have to say is the girl had to be using it wrong. It chops my onions so fast that I don't even have a chance to cry! I use it every other day to chop tomatoes and onions for our meals! You can get it at Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond!
As Martha says,
It's A Good Thing!


slommler said...

Looks like a good thing too! I will have to look for this..I hate to slice tomatoes.

GrannySue said...

I had one of those and I couldn't make it work. It's as if I wasn't strong enough to make the thing cut. Knowing me it was probably a cheap one, so I may get the right one and give it another try.

RR Mama said...

I have a chopper from Pampered Chef that I love. But I just might have to try this one.

Vegetable chopper said...

Yes, it´s a very good onion/vegetable chopper!I own one of these.I as proud owner of one of these choppers would recommend it highly to everyone else as well..

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