Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eating the best food ever.....

Our food on the Island of Barbados was ALWAYS Incredible! Each plate was presented to us as a piece of art. It is so true that the way the food is presented can make or break the dish!
My selection at the Wedding.... Lamb shanks! The plates, etc. are from Earthworks. A pottery on the Island that has incredible creations. Chase and Jackie gave everyone attending the wedding a wonderful gift that was handmade by the pottery. That post is coming up!
Reid's selection at the Wedding!
One of the best meals.... Mark (Jackie's uncle) treated us to a barbecue dinner. The barbecue hamburgers were so good. My brother-in-law, Danny, had to have his secret..... Plain old original Kraft barbecue sauce... So Good!
Most days I had "Catch of the Day".... I love fish and I was able to eat it every meal if I wanted.
Flying Fish... Oh my goodness!
Death by Chocolate~ Almonds Resort It was so good and chocolaty!!!
The only beef I had during the week... It was so good! Champers Restaurant!

The best coconut pie ever!!! Champers Restaurant ~ Barbados


Mary said...

well Yvette, you have made me incredibly hungry!!!! lol

just beautiful!!!

slommler said...

Oh my!! The food looks fabulous...I am drooling here!! And I just love coconut shrimp...one of my favs!

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