Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding in Barbados... Decorations!

I am finally home and I made it through the two weddings! It feels so wonderful having two new children in our family.... I love Jackie and JD so very much and I am so proud to have them as part of our crazy family. Speaking of crazy.... I have to tell you about going through customs at the airport. During our stay at Barbados I decided I was going to create a memory jar for the kids. I picked up beautiful sea glass from the beach, worn coral, beautiful rocks from the cliffs at Bathsheba and last.... sand from the beach where we stayed. I packed everything so well, placed the sand in coke bottles so that it would be easy to carry home, all was so perfect to put my project together when I got home. Going through customs, they stopped us. It really didn't bother me to bad, all they wanted to do was test the SAND for drugs. Then all of a sudden I remember the kids telling me about some of the locals selling drugs ON THE BEACH. My thought was, "Oh no, I am going to jail because someone dropped some of their drugs on the beach, I had to have THIS SAND for my project....." To say the least I started getting a little scared. Customs to this point had already been cruel. The lady sat there, kit in hand, holding up her color chart. Well I am home, so we all know that our sand was free of drugs. Who would have ever thought my innocent idea of a free gift would have turned out so scary.

Anyways and Anywho, I thought I would post a few of the decorations from Jackie and Chase's wedding. Enjoy!


Mary said...

Yvette, what a glorious wedding that must have been. The reception looks to be near perfection. What wonderful memories you have created to your children - and you!!!!

So glad you are home safe and sound without a detour to jail!!!!!


RR Mama said...

How beautiful!! Glad you made it home safe and sound. And I know exactly what kind of memory jar you are making because I got my idead from one of your posts a while back. And even though it was from our "hurrication" it is one of my favorites!! Much love my friend!

slommler said...

Beautiful decorations...simply amazing. And I am glad you made it through customs unscathed!!

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