Saturday, August 28, 2010

Preparing for an Artsy week.....

I have moved down into our basement and created a much larger work area! With the girls coming over often, my studio became much to small. I always cover my work surface with a plastic tablecloth. I purchase this at Party City in a long roll. It seems to last forever and I just keep the roll on my table and roll out some as I need it. I also try to get a bright color. I seem to find "stuff" that I drop much easier on these colors! Today I have been working on some necklaces! Twenty-five years ago I started working in stained glass. I loved it and made very good money. When I started having children I had to give it up. Glass and children really does not mix well. I picked my soldering iron up again about two years and I have not put it down since! I love creating pieces from glass, foil and solder!

It was also time to gesso a few boards! I try to do as many as I can at one time. That way when I am ready to paint, I can let my creativity flow from one piece to another!
Have a great weekend... My next few post will probably be vintage picture give aways. I went to watch 1st grade football and cheerleading (Whit is coaching the 1st grade cheerleaders) and left my camera with JD and Whit. Whit will come back home Wednesday with my camera loaded with some great pics!


slommler said...

Love your necklace pieces! I have never tried my hand with stained glass and soldering! I keep saying I will and just never get around to it. Some day!!! Sigh!

The Feathered Nest said...

I love your charms Yvette!!! So much wonderful creatin' going on!!! I love that your teaching too ~ spreading the creative spirit is such a great thing to do....hugs and love, Dawn

RR Mama said...

I love my necklace you made for me of the boys. I always get a compliment or two every time I wear it!

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