Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama~ Same As It Ever Was....

As many can tell.... I am not a fan of our President! He haunts me at every turn......

Healthcare~ I have a chronic illness and I am just praying that I can continue with the treatment that I am getting. And by the way... our health insurance has ALREADY gone up in anticipation of what more is to come.

Economy~ We own a small business and Obama is slowy trying to take us down....We are not going to let him! We have three new college graduates that cannot get jobs with their degree.... one having a masters! As Whit said yesterday... Our government has given our generation the shaft!

Oil Spill~ We own a home on St. George Island that we use as a rental property.... Obama really allowed this oil spill to get much worse than it should! And because of my chronic illness, that was caused by an oil spill I fear going down because of possible fumes from the oil. The health problems of the people living around the Gulf have not even started!!!! And this makes me angry that BP is having people to sign waivers to sue them so that they now can get paid for any problems. The long term problems are unknown to people living there... But BP and our government is very aware of it!

I could go on and on..... But I just needed a day to vent.....

Same As It Ever Was from RightChange on Vimeo.


Jane Wetzel said...

you know it ! very scary times we are living in..and I am also afraid for my kids.. :(

Lynns Lovelies said...

Amen Yvette!! That is why it is SOOO important for people to get out and VOTE in November. Every politician should be fearful..they work for us!
Thanks for venting:)


~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Joanne Kennedy said...

I hear ya! I refuse to even call him my president. I never have and never will. I pray he is only a one term man in office.

slommler said...

The oil spill makes me sad and mad all at the same time. The oil is still there...lurking on the bottom. It has yet to show it's ugly head! And when it does...I fear BP will be long gone. Just ask those in Alaska who a sick and dying because of the last oil spill!!!!!! Mr. President...shame on you!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

You preach it sister.. I still can't believe How the harvey that man got voted in.???? Still makes me mad. We live in Michigan, highest unemployment...things are bad here..& though I am thankful that everyone in my family has a job, there is no consumer confidence. Seems like we are going into a double dip recession here... oh could I go on... Thanks for venting & allowing me a little venting :)

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