Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Missionary Mary Proctor ~ Visionary Artist

One of my favorite folk artist~ Missionary Mary Proctor.
A self taught visionary artist from Tallahassee, Florida
Mary uses found objects from her junkyard, now her American Folk Art Museum, Missionary Mary crafts three dimensional assembled works from buttons, mirrors, jewelry and other trinkets. Some works are inspired by Bible scripture and others by memories of her grandmother or her childhood and most include written messages of spiritual truths or life lessons.
I now happily own three of Mary's small works. This is the first piece that I purchased and it will always remain dear in my heart. Her work always inspires and makes me think about life! I will try and share the other two pieces tomorrow!
Enjoy sweet friends!


lailani said...

That is really neat!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Simple and to the point.
Thanks for sharing her with us Yvette!


Jean Tuthill said...

I just stopped by to say Hello. What a neat piece that is.

slommler said...

Love it! And I love the saying she has on it too!

Mary said...

very neat piece, looking forward to seeing the other too!

how's you sweet Dad doing?? How are you doing??

much love to you!

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