Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift Wrapping Ideas & FAB (or maybe feisty) 50!

My dear sweet friend Debbie turned 50 last week! I cherish her friendship and each time we are together, I come home with even more joy and love in my heart. Her lovely daughter, Ashley, gave her a surprise birthday party in Athens with some of her "old friends".
When I say old, most of us went from 1st grade through 12th grade together!
It's a great bunch of girls that I love to gather with! One of our girlfriends, Marla, could not go to Debbie's party in Athens, so we decided to pull a fast one (at least that is what we were thinking) on Debbie by inviting her to lunch a week early. That is how it came to be that Debbie received two gifts from me!
Inside this package was one of my large chattertiles. I use kraft paper for most of my wrapping .... You can do so much with it! The star has a clothespin on the back side. This will allow Debbie to use it over and over.

This package held a ChatterBlock that I made especially for Debbie. I use pictures of her and her family when they visited Africa and Paris a few months ago. The flower on the top is made from paper. I put a pin on the back so that
Debbie can wear it if she chooses!

Our friends from Snellville, Georgia!
Six of us went from 1st through 12th grade together!

Sweet Debbie~ Fabulous at Fifty!

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Charissa said...

What love and care you put into these gifts and their wrapping. I especially like the old postage stamps and the paper flower you made. Wow!

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