Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creating ~ Shower Gift for the Bride....

This weekend Whitney and I were invited to a wonderful Bridal Shower for her friend, Katelyn. Katelyn was one of the beautiful bridesmaids in Whit and JD's wedding.

I started thinking about what I could get her for some time now. Then it hit me, she loves the vintage look like me, I will create for her.

Cosmo Cricket has this wonderful theme paper and for Katelyn, it was perfect. I started with a 12" X 12" board with a 1-1/2" depth. I love these deep boards because it gives me the option of creating on the sides. On this piece I attached some chandelier parts on the side. I place a nest at the bottom representing the two starting their own little nest. I also placed a key and heart together. I really think I was able to capture Katelyn!


Anonymous said...


Katelyn and Daniel said...

it is perfect! something we will showcase in our home and cherish forever! I will never be able to thank you enough, and express to you how much your creative gift has blessed me! thanks mamaE!!! <3

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