Monday, January 31, 2011

Stepping out of my comfort zone.....

Childhood Friends ~ South Gwinnett High School

This week I am trying something new......

Teaching a large group of women how to create their own piece of ART!

I have had classes for children and enjoyed them, I have had classes for small groups of women and enjoyed them...... Now, it's time to Step Out and teach a large group of women!

I am excited about this class! Most of these women I have known since childhood, actually attending school with them from 1st-12th grade. They are a wild and crazy bunch, so teaching them will be a great experience for me. It will be quite a challenge keeping their attention while they are laughing and talking. I know if I can end the day with these girls having completed their piece, I can teach anyone. It will be a blast Friday at 443 Lakeshore Drive!


slommler said...

Oh what fun you will have!! Enjoy!

lailani said...

That sounds great! You will, no doubt, do a great job. Can't wait to hear of the fun you all will have!


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I will turn Blessings into Praise!