Friday, January 7, 2011

Do you Inspire Someone????

My Rejoicing Chickies!

I realized a very long time ago, that as productive individuals it is not only important to be inspired, but to also inspire others. I have mingled in some type of craft/art form for many years. By some I have been called an artist and by others.... A glue gun queen. I am not sure what "label" I should fall under, but I do hope that through some of my work, I can help others find their hidden talents. When my children were young, I felt that my God gave me the gift to encourage, motivate and inspire others. I would hide gifts of encouragement that I had made into the lockers of children at school, send gifts through the mail to those that God had put on my heart. This went on for years, until I started feeling an emptiness in my heart. My children were leaving for college and I knew something had to fill the void. My neighborhood encouraged me to create some of my encouragement gifts to sale at our clubhouse for an Art show. They were a hit, starting what and who I am today. I dare not name all of the artist who have inspired me with their work, I know I would leave someone out. Many of you reading this blog are one's on this list. With that said..... after visiting Sam, I had to pull out a board, colorful paints and break out of my shell and let the paint fall where it may. He inspired me! This is one of many attempts at me creating a piece of Folk Art. I will have to say this by far is my favorite.

I hope in some way that it can and will inspire YOU!

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Mary said...

I see a new style emerging from you!!
I love, love, love this!!

More, more, more please!! :)

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