Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bug Man said I decorated "Cool".....

I need a change in blogland......

I would like to post about something other than creating ART.....

Who gave me this idea????

My Bug Man!

A new quarter and a new Bug Man. As he comes into the house, his eyes starts to wander the room. I could tell this was a man that caught everything. After he had completed his job in my house, he stated.... "This is the coolest house I have ever been in".... I knew what it meant... (in my own words) "Wow, you display your "stuff" well"! After his visit, I felt good. Some other man than my husband had noticed how I display my "stuff" and he liked it. It was then I knew I had to do a series on

Decorating The Charm House Style.

Having my children gone, change me. I want things in our home to be where WE enjoy them, not necessarily those visiting, but Reid and I. We are the ones that live here all the time, so why not. Over the next few days, I will show you how I decorate and hopefully it will bring out something in you to make changes in your own home.

When people arrive in our sitting area, they are shocked to find my chairs hanging on the wall....

What did this accomplish...

1) A place to put my extra chairs

2) Less cleaning under chairs (they are hanging)

3) A wall hanging!

This was all accomplished by taking a long peg wood rack and hanging it up and down. You can find this at The Container Store. http://www.containerstore.com/

Join me tomorrow in another episode of

Decorating The Charm House Style


Kathy@ Gone North said...

Oh... This will be fun!
I have looked at your previous posts with pics of your home... It is lovely. Can't wait to see more...

Mary said...

fun, fun, fun. a friend of mine stopped by when i was not home and set off our alarm. before she could reach me the police had been dispatched. while they were on their way i gave her the code. when they got here they wanted her to show that she knew it...when they went into the house the cop looked around and said, "wow, this is a cool house". cracked me up when she told me this. :)

Shannon said...

Mrs. Yvette, I'm so looking forward to reading more! Hoping to get some tips for my house! I want it to be cozy yet practical.

slommler said...

Great idea to hang the peg rack for your chairs!!
Looking forward to seeing more!

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!