Monday, March 7, 2011

A Charming Wedding .. Part I

My daughter's sweet and beautiful friend, Katelyn, was married this weekend to the love of her life, Daniel. From the time that Katelyn walked through the door, crying with tears of joy, as one being in attendance, you knew this wedding was going to be special. Katelyn and Daniel, together, took the time to fill their whole night with symbolism of what Christ expects from us as we take this journey.

The wedding planning started taking shape when Katelyn and her MOM came to me asking for suggestions. When I found out she wanted to use apple green, I was so excited. I went to Archivers, our scrapbooking/art store, and started looking for papers that we could use. I had one paper that really caught my eye and I knew that Katelyn would be the type of bride to hop on the train and use it. The flowers on the paper were charming! After visiting the florist that I highly recommended, The Garden Gate in Monroe, the color scheme was set.... Apple green and a wine red. I LOVED IT! This was going to be a fun wedding!

The beautiful bride, Katelyn. She wore her Mother's veil.

Katelyn's bridal bouquet!
The Bridesmaid Flowers.

Katelyn and her MOM, Leslie.

My daughter and Katelyn.
This dress was perfect for Katelyn! Look at all of the details!
The wedding party in front of one of the most beautiful Churches I have ever been in.
The shirt Daniel designed for the wedding party to wear at rehearsal.
Too Cute!
The paper that started it all!


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Yvette,

What a beautiful bride! She has one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen!
May God bless their marriage with Health, Love and Happiness always!



RR Mama said...

Absolutely beautiful!

scarves said...
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