Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A wedding planned around a scrapbook paper... Part II

so... Yesterday I showed you the scrapbook page Katelyn selected. We can finally show you all the wonderful things Katelyn was able to pull together using this theme.

The Invitations.... Gorgeous! Katleyn added some bling to the invites to match her personality.

The programs... It was so awesome sitting in the Church watching everyone enjoy Katleyn and Daniel's program. She had filled it with information about all of the wedding party. You felt like you knew each person after reading about them.

The gift from the bride and groom.... Katelyn and Daniel both attended and met at SPSU. (We use to call it Southern Tech, but the name has changed.) They came up with this wonderful poem telling everyone how they met. Attached to it was a hand calculator with their name on it. PERFECT!

The Wedding Cones.... We made a wedding cone for both the bride and groom's parents. They were placed at the row where they were sitting. See Katelyn's MOM and DAD's wedding picture on the cone.

Now this is a great idea for a guest book. As everyone arrived, they put their thumbprint on the tree and then signed their thumbprint. This was an awesome idea. I am pretty sure that Katelyn's sister drew the tree and the two lovebirds for them.

And saving the best for last.... THE CAKE!!! Oh my goodness, the was one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen! It matched the paper perfect! Zadie (Katelyn's sister) designed and created the cake topper! This will be a precious memory keeper for Katleyn and Daniel.
Tomorrow I will put up a few more of my favorite pictures from the wedding!

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