Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspired by a Garden Nursery...

This time of the year I start feeling..... well, let's just say you can call me Droopy from the seven dwarfs. I am very ready for spring, seeing everything bloom, warmer weather and the green grass beneath my feet. For the longest, we had the most wonderful little garden center in Monroe, Land Arts. The owner, Jane Bath, has written many books, designed both of my landscapes and she is a joy to talk with. I would go there sometimes twice a week just to walk the nursery. It felt good to be there. Jane and her sweet employees never seemed to mind, they knew a sale would be coming soon. Due to the bad economy, sad to say Jane closed Land Arts. I have truly missed her and her gem of a store so much. Yesterday, I needed to find a nursery to visit. I knew the old Pikes Nursery in Snellville had been closed and a family had purchased it to reopen into a nursery. I decided to make the thirty minute drive to visit. To say the least, I was so inspired! Walking into the gift store, your eyes take you for one vignette to another. It was truly amazing. There was not a "Jane" there, but I received great service. I wish we had something like this in Monroe, but then again Monroe is Monroe....... First we need a grocery store! I hope the following pictures inspire YOU as much as The Family Tree inspired me!

Directions ~ In Snellville on Highway 78.... Almost half way between Atlanta and Athens!

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This little "shed room" was built from the flats materials are delivered on. Roof, sides, everything!

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!