Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gift Wrapping made FUN......

Barbara Mandrell

I love to wrap gifts......
I also get so much joy out of the presentation of the gift.....
I want the person receiving the gift to know that I love them 
that I want to give "my best" to them!

When I wrap gifts, I always use cheap kraft paper.

Sometimes I will add polka dots to my package!

Often, I even make my own ribbon....
This is old vintage paper placed on top of each other and then sewed.
I will cut this piece with decorative scissors making 2 ribbons!

To enhance the look, I use Christmas washi tape going down the middle.

I then decided to draw circles 
with a black marker around each white dot.

I couldn't stop,
 I had to add smaller polka dots in teal and red!!!

Placing of the ribbon with a dab of hot glue to secure it.

Now comes my favorite part....
The Bow!

I use three pieces of ribbon always using wired ribbon....
The first one will lay on top of the box to secure my bow.
The second one ties around the bow.
The third one makes the actual bow.
Now you can fluff easily because you have used wire ribbon.
Don't forget to cut the ends of your tags to make them pretty!

My finished bow!
Add a few embellishment to complete your look.
I used a "hello" tag.
Paper Clip.
A Christmas Bear image.
Glitter Snowflake.
And finished off my piece with a little Glitter Glue!!!!

He is so precious!
 Now all we need is a name tag!

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