Friday, September 19, 2008

Running Away...

Have you ever ran away from something and not realized it until something just popped you in the face and said, "Girl, get a grip, Face it! You have being running from this and now it is time to face it! You can do this!"

My story starts this way............. My son and his girlfriend, which he loves dearly and I have yet to meet, are coming home on Oct. the 2nd! I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have fell in love over the internet chatting with her! Already I can tell that she is a perfect fit into this odd puzzle of ours... Anyways, back to my story.... Over the past couple of years to face a empty nest, I picked up painting and altered art. Almost all of my time was spent doing this with friends and their friends asking me for pieces. Now, looking around, I am freaking out noticing that I have let the house go!

The challenge that hit me in the face.... cleaning out the kitchen pantry! Looking at the dates on the food, I knew that I had not cooked in forever, much less cleaned out the pantry. Also looking at the dates, I noticed that the dates corresponded with the date of my daughters highschool graduation date. I sat there for a second and realized.... WOW.... I didn't have that breakdown that everyone thought I was going to have, I didn't cry every day.... you know I didn't cry at all. I rejoiced every single day because my children were in God's hands, doing His work at college. I knew that Reid and I had raised them as well as we could have and I knew they were surrounded with our prayers and prayers of others. God has got me through these two and a half years and he got my pantry through it also!

Now, I don't have to worry about Jacks and Chase coming home to a pantry full of stale food but one empty, ready to be full of anything they want to fill it with!! I love you guys, Hurry Home!


Lynn said...

Good for you, I didn't cry either, and my daughter just went to live on her own this past July :) I think I was actually ready for it, after all she is 24 years old. We have a much better relationship now too, isn't that amazing :) I too have been into art more and really enjoying this time of my life where I can focus on my inner self more than ever. This is my new beginning and my child is now a woman and it is her new beginning :)
There just comes that time when we have to step out of the parent roll and let them fly, how will they ever learn about life and learn from it? As long as they know we are here for them if they need us of course :)

Love your art work BTW, that's why I stopped by :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

It was a transition for our family when our 2 oldest left for college, but it's the goal when we bring them home from the hospital, right?
Blessings to you all~

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