Friday, July 17, 2009

Wonderful Distractions.....

Yes.... I am a slacker this summer! If you have young children to about the 10th grade, you probably don't understand my NEED to spend every moment with my daughter. This is her Senior YEAR at Auburn and she had promised me a month to be home just to spend with me! I know after this school year things will be so different. She will start her own life, creating herself! The hope will always be that we will forever climb up into my king size bed, pull the covers up and watch a girlie movies together! And after that, hours spent laying there just talking about life and our dreams... all cuddled up in bed......... Saying all this, I have to mention my SON! I have the best son! He is always willing to take the time to sit with me, help me and give me the best hugs ever! He just does not like girlie movies! LOL

Whit left today (just for the weekend) to go back to Auburn. Her best friend graduates now and she wanted to see her before she left Auburn.
While she was gone, I decided to clean the studio. I really wanted it to be perfect and organized so that we can enjoy the rest of the summer. Here are a couple of pics of what we are working on!



Anonymous said...

Aww, Yvette, you just slack away, sweet lady! Enjoy every second with your precious Whit! I know what you mean about your son, too. They don't like girly movies~~tee-hee, but it fun to pretend like you really, really want and expect them to watch the movie of your choice with you!!

Enjoy your evening!
Peachy Hugs,

Tiedupmemories said...

Awwww..So sweet! I know exactly how your feeling! Mine our definately younger but my oldest is going to high school this year and he's no longer a baby...they grow so fast!They already are busy with their activities and social life! I can't imagine them gone for good. Enjoy your tome with your daughter!At least we are creative people and know how to keep oue minds busy when we need to!!
Hugs to you!

RR Mama said...

Oh my gosh! Enjoy every second with Whit and don't worry about us. You know I'll be right here when you get back! Heck look at me I took off for a while to spend with the boys! Tell Whit hi!!

Jean Tuthill said...

Yvette, that's what summer vacations are for. Watch the movies and enjoy your daughter. That's the most important thing you can do--making memories and deepening the bond between you and your daughter.

Mary said...

Hi sweetie, I just wanted to say hi. I have not seen a new post in a bit - I assume you are having a blast with your sweet daughter.


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