Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glue and Paint day with my girls, Also a challenge to young MOM's.....

I never imagined that life would be this good after my children were married! I always heard that when your children got married, than you gained another son/daughter. I always thought that was just a sweet saying for mom's to say implying that they got along well with their in-laws. Well, I always considered my children's spouses to be in-loves. I have never been able to handle the word..... In-Law. It always sounded so cold and harsh. I also wanted my children's spouse to call me either Yvette or MamaE . I desperately wanted them to be comfortable around me and for them to know that my home was their home! Well..... Since my children have been married I know exactly how it feels to gain two more children!!! I love Jackie and JD so very much and consider them to be two of the greatest gifts that I have ever received! They both make Chase and Whit so very happy, they come into my home feeling like it is theirs(often spending the night), and it is amazing how much time we have spent together! I try to plan at least one day a week with the girls doing something special! I would have never imagined Jackie loving to paint, glue... basically getting dirty with Whit and I as much as she does! And she is really GOOD! I prayed hard for Jackie and JD when my children were much younger. I knew God would be faithful in not only providing my children with a wonderful partner, but with giving Reid and I two more beautiful children who love the Lord with all of their heart! If you are a young mom or dad, I challenge you to start praying for your children's spouses! You will be amazed at how God can provide the perfect partner for them and you!

My project..... "Fly away little one..."

Jackie and her project...

Whit's project for JD and their 3 month anniversary.... theme~ sewing! She loves to sew!


lailani said...

A sweet post celebrating your "in loves" :)

Kathy@ Gone North said...

What a sweet post! I too prayed since my boys were little for the spouses to come. My boys with God's leading, chose the perfect girls. I now have the 3 daughters I always wanted.
The projects that you are doing are just fabulous. Are they boxes?? Did you modge podge? or paint? Very cute!!

this blessed nest said...

wow. you made me think on this post. but you are so right. i guess with really young kids, like i have we are so rapped up in the present. i do think of their future & pray for it, but i don't think about their spouses. so glad i read this post.

thank you.

how fun that your kids live close by & that you all can craft together. how wonderful. love the boxes too!

have a beautiful weekend with your family.
thanks for your comment.

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