Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage photo of the old family lake house.....

My husband's cousins wife just posted some old pictures of the old family vacation home on Lake Rabun. My husband's grandparents owned the home with their sister and brother (who married each other) and all of the double first cousins. The home still exist beautifully on Lake Rabun. For anyone familiar with Lake Rabun , the house sits on the hill almost across from the boat house. My husband's aunt now is owns the home and takes care of it. The home sits on a a peninsula with a hidden tunnel below the house that leads to one side of the lake. It is one awesome house that probably could not be built today the way it was in the past. My husband's parents own a 100 year old home that sits across from the boathouse. To build the home, the previous owners had to barge the materials across the lake. That was the only access to the home. I remember when we were first married, we would start at the bottom of the hill praying to make it up to the top. Sometimes it took many trys to make it to the top with us laughing all the way and hoping that we did not meet a car coming in the opposite direction. For years we spent our anniversary in May at the home. I miss it and the views! The home is full of history and ghost stories. Reid's Aunt Neta owns a home further down the lake. It is also just gorgeous! Maybe I need to take a photo tour of the lake and share it with my blogging friends? Thanks Tara for taking me back.......

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Katelyn said...

oh i love this picture and story!!! so beautiful and so much history!

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