Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Science Lab....

If you had ask me yesterday after Church if we would be able to have Halloween the way that we like to have, I would have said, "No Way can we pull this off". This past month has been so wild and hectic with my DAD being so sick and Halloween was the last thing on my mind. But with DAD coming home this past week things have been looking up for our family. After Church Sunday, the children showed up and the decorations came out. Jackie help me to finish 140 goody bags (not near enough for our 200+ trick or treaters), Whit made costumes for her daddy, JD and herself. Chase and Reid hung the decorations. JD and Whit carved the pumpkin. Finally, Jackie and Whit put the final decorating touches to the house! I was so proud of how everyone pulled together to keep our tradition alive. And I forgot.... I made two pots of soup and a pot of Velveeta cheese dip... My sister also made a pot of her wonderful chili. We have so many family members come to our home for trick or treating and they are one hungry bunch when they finish roaming the neighborhood! I have to say that Lakeshore Estates has to be the best place to trick or treat for families!!! It is a blessing to see our streets full of families on golf carts, hay rides and just walking around!

Reid roasting pumpkin seeds.....

Whit painted our Welcome sign.....

JD with two of our favorite trick or treaters!

Jackie and our goody bags.... We always try to put scripture with our theme!

One pot of soup finished!

Reid's Science project for the kids tonight!

Jackie and Chase!

Whit, Yvette, Betty and Taylor... My dear sweet neighbors!

The Girls!

JD and Whit..... smelling the brains and heart they will be sharing with the kids.

Reagan, my sweet niece with her magic wand.... She kept the pot going for us all night with her wand... Toooooo Sweeet!

Yvette and Chase!!! I love this boy!
Science project for the kids!

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Jean Tuthill said...

Looks like your Halloween was a very happy and memorable one!

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