Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Learning to gift wrap at Rich's.....

I love wrapping gifts.....
It all started as a child when my mother would take our Christmas Gifts to 
Rich's and have them professionally wrapped! 
Rich's wrapping then was incredible...... 
You could choose your paper, your ribbons and a cute little embellishment to hang from it.
Of course we had to wait in a line to do it, but WOW it was so worth it. 
Being young, I could get away with things that adults could not. 
I guess my love of learning new things has always been there for me. 
As MOM would wait in line,
 I would scurry to the front and lean on the counter to watch each
 and every movement of the lady wrapping the gifts.
 Each motion she made was a motion that was taught to her by the best of Rich's gift wrappers!
 The box was always wrapped perfectly and the bows..... 
Oh my goodness, big and fluffy! 
That's where I learn to tie a ribbon on a box,
 the counter at Rich's Gift Wrapping Center. 
And still, I use the same method of wrapping gifts
 that I learned as a child at Rich's over forty five years ago. 

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